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About Vidzeme

Vidzeme is one of the historical and cultural regions of Latvia. Literally meaning "the Middle Land" it is situated in north-central Latvia north of the Daugava River. Sometimes in German it is also known as Livland- German form from Latin Livonia, though it comprises only a small part of medieval Livonia and about half (Latvian part) of Swedish Livonia.

Vidzeme- World of hills

  • Ventspils
  • Kuldīga
  • Jūrkalne
  • Liepāja
  • Pape
Vidzeme lies in the north-east of Latvia. In the south-east it is on the border of Latgale, in the south - Zemgale and in the west on the border of Riga district. In the north Vidzeme has the border with Estonia but in the east with Russia. Vidzeme is one of the four historical territories in Latvia. It is famous with its beauty of nature, heritage relating to the history of civilization and ethnical traditions. In Vidzeme you can enjoy the picturesque beauty of rivers and lakes, to rejoice at the landscapes made by woods, meadows, hills and lowlands. When visiting the castles and manors of Middle ages you can feel the breath of history as well as get to know many interesting and fascinating facts about Latvian history, traditions and different life-styles. The ancient towns, each with its charm, its history and culture, keep significant heritage of culture and architecture. While taking a walk along the seaside of Vidzeme where one can find both sandy beaches, stony little bays and sandstone cliffs, you will get an unforgetable relaxation.