Die 3 Perlen- Schlösser Rundāle und Mežotne, Burg Bauska | Discover Latvia Tours
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  • Bauska Burg
    Die burg befindet sich auf dem Territorium der Stadt Bauska, in einer bildhafter Landschaft auf einer Landzunge zwischen zwei Flüssen Mūsa und Mēmele (Musa und Memel), nicht weit vom Ort, wo, die Beiden zusammenfließend eine der wichtigsten lettischen Flüssen Lielupe bilden. Schlossensemble in Bauska besteht aus zwei Teilen. Das älteste davon ist das Schloss des Livländischen Ordens. Es wurde in der Mitte des 15. Jh. gebaut, aber bis heute haben nur einige Ruinen überlebt. Das jüngste Teil ist die Herzogenresidenz von Kurzeme (Kurland). Sie wurde am Ende des 16. Jh. gebaut.

  • Mežotne Schloss
    Das Schloss Mežotne ist eines der schönsten Beispiele Lettlands des klassizistischen Stils in Lettland, das noch bedeutender durch seine sorgfältig geplante, harmonische Umgebung zu betrachten ist, in einer Einheit ist das Schloss und seine expressiven Nebengebäude, der schöne Park, der Fluss Lielupe und die schöne Landschaft dahinter verbunden.

  • Schloss und Museum Rundale
    Schloss Rundale (dt. Ruhenthal, lett. Rundāles pils) befindet sich im Süden Lettlands, auf der fruchtbaren Ebene von Zemgale (dt. Semgallen). Das Ensemble von Rundale-Schloss ist eines der hervorragendsten Architekturdenkmälern der Barock- und Rokokoepoche in Lettland, das von 1736 bis 1740 als Sommerresidenz des kurländischen Herzogs Ernst Johann von Biron, den Favoriten der russischen Königin Anna Joanovna, erbaut wurde. Das Schloss wurde nach dem Entwurf und unter Leitung des berühmten Architekten des russischen Hofs - Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli erbaut.

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Reviews of This Tour
"Two great tours with Discover Latvia"
Reviewed October 5, 2013
Colleen from USA
Rihard was an excellent guide when I took two of their castle/palace tours in October 2013. The fall colors were at their peak and I really enjoyed the Latvian "golden autumn." I decided to visit Latvia on a whim and was very impressed with everything I saw and with the quality of these tours! Rundale Palace, Segulda and Turaida castles were well worth the trip.

Visited October 2013
"A very good day excursion from Riga"
Reviewed July 17, 2013
Ron from La Colle sur Loup, France
Our charming, knowledgeable driver/guide picked us up from our hotel at 09:00 am and drove us into southern Latvia (Zimgale province), making a first stop at Bauska, visiting both the town centre and the castle, then on to the extremely impressive Rundale Palace, where we spent two hours visiting the interior, followed by a drive through the extensive grounds in an electric buggy. Finally we crossed the river to visit another palace - Mezotne - before returning to Riga in the evening.

During the course of the day, our guide explained many aspects of the history, culture and geography of the country, so not only did this tour give us a very good insight into rural Latvia, and three in-depth visits of delightful examples of Latviian national heritage, but we also gained a much better understanding of the country and it's people, building on all we had discovered during our stay in Riga.

Highly recommended.

Visited July 2013
"Professional team"
Reviewed June 22, 2013
Hananya from Kfar Saba, Israel
Although we made contact with them at the last minute and after hours, we received a perfect trip. Maija and Rihards showed up at the appointed time at the hotel entrance. Picked us for a very nice trip as planned. Professional explanations and kindness all the way.

Visited June 2013
Reviewed June 19, 2013
Mario from Recife from Brazil
Visiting the interior of Latvia gave us an idea about how is to live there: remarkable landscapes, full of green, being prepared to receive the seeds. Notorious was the lack of people in the rural area, because many young latvians went to Ireland, British, Sweden, Norway in search of better works. Our trip to the Southern part of the country (Zemgale) was so easily and comfortable made by our guides, Maija and Rihards, who were so patient in answering all our questions, doing the best to fulfill our needs. Thanks a lot for your support. Rundale Palace, Bauska castle and Mezotne Palace were a very good experience for ending our trip in your country.

Visited June 2013
"Castles of Zemgale"
Reviewed July 5, 2012
Andy from USA
I recommend tour to Sigulda in fall. The season makes the environment one of the most beautiful landscapes I've ever seen. We walked in the Gauja National Forest, in the caves of Sigulda, visited castles and met some of the history of Latvia. In addition, Rihards and Sergejs are friendly, pleasant and very funny. I really loved the tour.