Getting to Latvia | Discover Latvia Tours
White dune trail in Pūrciems | Tour Baltic Sea Coastal Scenery & Cape Kolka
Waterfall "Abavas Rumba" | Tour Tour to Kuldiga
Castle of Turaida | Tour Tour to Sigulda
Europes widest waterfall "Ventas Rumba" | Tour Tour to Kuldiga
Gauja Valley, Gutmans Cave | Tour Hiking in Sigulda-Switzerland of Latvia
Fishing boat in the fishing village | Tour Baltic Sea Coastal Scenery Cape Kolka
Latvian beer | Tour Latvian Beer and Cheese Tour
Soviet time suburbs of Riga | Tour Behind The Iron Curtain- Soviet Time Suburbs of Riga
Riga central market
Soviet time suburbs of Riga | Tour Behind The Iron Curtain- Soviet Time Suburbs of Riga
Bird watching tower | Tour Baltic Sea Coastal Scenery & Cape Kolka
Riga from above | Tour Riga Rooftop Tour
Small church and cemetery | Tour Baltic Sea Coastal Scenery & Cape Kolka
Riga at night
Fishers equipment | Tour Baltic Sea Coastal Scenery & Cape Kolka
Riga from above | Tour Riga Rooftop Tour
White dune of Pūrciems | Tour Baltic Sea Coastal Scenery & Cape Kolka
Wild animal at cape Kolka | Tour Latvia Wildlife Safari Tour
Jūrkalne steep
Rocky seaside in Kaltene | Tour Baltic Sea Coastal Scenery & Cape Kolka

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to book your tours?

If you are interested in some of our tours or activities, give us a call or send an e-mail and let us know that how many persons and at what date and time you would like the tour to start. Depending on the tour selected, we can usually give you the availability and pricing information either instantly or within a few hours.

For small groups (few persons) and for bookings in short notice, the easiest option is to make the payment in cash. We accept only LVL. For larger groups and for tours where we have to confirm many costs before the event, we ask from you either a full or partial prepayment. In this case we send to you an electronic invoice which can be paid either by credit card or bank transfer.

What tours would your recommend us to take?

It is actually very good question, because there are really many interesting things to choose from. And it obviously depends on your interests, age and previous experience.

What is the price per person for our group size?

We have given price levels for some of the most typical group sizes. In general, the price per person will be lower for larger groups, but it also depends on what kind of transportation we need to use and what are the fixed costs per person. The best option is to contact us and we are sure that we can give you very competitive rates.

Our focus is to serve also very small groups from 2 persons and do it also on very short notice. If you are solo traveler, the price for 2 usually applies.

Why are your prices occasionally much different from your competitors?

Sometimes it might look that our prices are more expensive (or on some occasions much cheaper) compared to our competitors. However, as the pricing information in freely available over the Internet, nobody can really operate with much different pricing over the longer term.

Usually the price differences is due to the following reasons:

1. You compare prices for different group sizes. What is the group size used in price per person quotation? If one company advertises price per person for group of 6 and another for group of 12, the second price will be usually lower.

We are sure that our rates for larger groups are also very competitive but as our focus is smaller groups, we indicate also out price per groups of 2 and 4 persons and these are obviously higher. To avoid misunderstandings best strategy is to always contact us for detailed price offer for your group.

2. Are you looking for a private tour for your group or are you together with many other travelers?

3. Are the entrance tickets and meals included?

Can we partner with you?

We are happy to cooperate with different companies. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Do you organise full tour packages for us?

Yes, you can also ask from us a full service package quotation including tours, activities, accommodation, transfers, meals and other entertainment. We do not sell airport, bus, train or ferry tickets.

Why should I book with you?

We are local company and we focus only on travels in Latvia. Therefore were are well informed about all the small details which are relevant for putting together a successful travel experience. We are also constantly out in the market to search for new ideas and to bring good products from quality vendors to you.

- we do not request you to pay full amount 28 days in advance. You can also book with us a day before and to pay just before the trip.

- we have our own group leaders and therefore we can create excursions and experiences which you do not find anywhere else

- as we are small, we are also very cost effective and therefore we are providing you with the really large choice of outstanding tours and activities with competitive pricing