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Fisherman boat | Tour Kurzeme Coastal Scenery
Turaida Mediaval Castle | Tour Tour To Sigulda
View on Riga From Above | Tour Riga Rooftop Tour
Two Roe at Cape Kolka | Tour Latvia Wildlife Safari Tour
Goodman's Cave in Sigulda | Tour Hiking in Sigulda-Switzerland of Latvia
Turaida Mediaval Castle | Tour Tour to Sigulda
Rocky Seaside of Vidzeme | Tour Hiking Along the Rocky Seashore of Vidzeme
Riga Old Town From Above | Tour Riga Rooftop Tour
Fishing Boat | Tour Kurzeme Coastal Scenery
Bird Watching Tower in Ķemeri National Park | Tour Kurzeme Coastal Scenery
Riga From Above | Tour Riga Rooftop Tour
Old Church and Cemetery near the see | Tour Kurzeme Coastal Scenery
Near Kolka Horn | Tour Kurzeme Coastal Scenery
Turaida Museum Reserve | Tour Tour to Sigulda
White Dune of Pūrciems | Tour Kurzeme Coastal Scenery
Rocky Seaside at Kaltene | Tour Baltic sea coast and Jūrmala seaside resort

How to Book

All Tours

All our tours can be ordered on request. As we are local company with our own guides, we can usually accommodate same day requests but it is always better to book the tours in advance.

We are trying to be flexible with minimum group size limits. In general, our tours are targeted to small groups starting from 2 persons, but the minimum group size depends also on the nature of the tour. We are planning individual tours for our customers, for more information visit individual planning.

Some of the tours might only be available in summer or winter season. So, please take a look on details from the tour descriptions.

Scheduled Tours

For most popular tours we are sometimes having scheduled departure times. Please check our website. Scheduled tours can be booked from 1 person and we would definitely recommend them to people who are interested in getting to know other people while traveling.

More information

You can ask for more information about our tours from our Sales Representative by:

  • E-mail: sales@discover-latvia.lv
  • Skype: discover-latvia

  • Please also contact us if you would like to have some changes made in our standard tour packages to fulfill your special travel needs. We try to be flexible and accommodate our customer requests.

    Book by phone, through e-mail or directly from our website

    Tours can be booked by calling our Sales Representative or by sending an e-mail with your booking request.