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Latvia Winter Tours and Activities

Latvia has four different seasons of the year - winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each of the seasons is special with something different. Coldest months of the year are usually January and February when temperature sometimes fall even to -30° C, but usually no longer than a few days and average temperature in Latvia winter is around -6° C.

We don't complain about the cold weather, but offer thrilling and also best enjoyed slowly winter activities in Latvia for different tastes - such as husky dog sledding, horse sledge rides, bobsleigh, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, Christmas season tour, winter safari, snowmobile riding, snowshoes walking, snow hut building, bathhouse and of course our tailor made tours.


Weather forecast in Riga and Latvia

Use this weather in Riga forecast to plan your winter activities in Latvia.

Latvia Winter Tour Offers

Fancy trying your hand as a musher? Get to know wilderness of Latvia nature and feel like a real musher by driving a dog cart! Winter and snow is not just for snowboarders and skiers, dog sledding is an opportunity to do something more unusual and just as exciting. Join the team of Siberian Husky dogs and fulfill your day with an excellent outdoor adventure on the countryside of Latvia!
Tour Language: EN | DE | RU | LV
Duration: ~5 Hrs
Perfect opportunity to escape from everyday stress and fast flowing rhythm of life. Relax in the forest while the sledge tracks are gliding silently through the snow crunching. You and your loved ones sitting in sledge are gazing on the beautiful snowy pine tops. After the sledge ride you will have magic experience of local sauna rituals.
Tour Language: EN | RU | LV
Duration: ~6.5 Hrs
Meet snowy forests on exciting Latvia snowmobile tour! This will be a safe and emotionally fulfilling journey in to the wilderness of Latvia with opportunities to see wild forest animals in observation area, near specifically equipped feeding places. Activties on the outdoors always makes everyone hungry, so you will also enjoy delicious fish or forest animal soup prepared on the bonfire.
Tour Language: EN | RU | LV
Duration: 5 Hrs
Experience Latvian winter and traditions. Snowshoeing in the wild nature area with unique views. After the snowshoeing, hot and relaxing Latvian traditional sauna will be there to warm you up. While enjoying the sauna you will have local herbal tea. You will be introduced with Latvian cuisine and have lunch as a local, with many rural goods produced in the local farmhause.
Tour Language: EN | RU | LV
Duration: ~9 Hrs
Can you hear the Christmas chimes already and have you ever seen a raindeer or walked a torchlight track in the forest? Enjoy Christmas season with your friends, family or on your own in Latvia, capital city of which is Riga, the place where the first decorated Christmas tree comes from. Spend a day in the white Christmas tour in Latvia, see great places and try Latvian cuisine!
Tour Language: EN | RU | LV
Duration: ~7 Hrs
Unique opportunity to experience real bobsleigh run with profeesional sportsman steering in one of the world championship stage tracks- Sigulda bobsleigh track. You will race down the track with speed over 110 km/h and definitely feel strong G forces on the 16 corners of this track.
Tour Language: EN | RU | LV
Duration: ~3 Hrs
Go on cross country skiing tour by the Baltic sea and enjoy our winter tour in Latvia. This full day tour will introduce you to the Latvian winter on the country side, you will see the Baltic sea in the winter time, fishing villages, fishing boats, local way of life and wonderful nature all around. Take a chance and join this tour with us and we will take care of a traditional hot and tasty herbal tee with some snacks!
Tour Language: EN | RU | LV
Duration: ~8 Hrs