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Līgatne Paper Mill Village and Nature Trails

Get to know how the paper is made, try your own hand in creating one and send it as a post card to someone you know! You will enjoy charm of the small town which name already for more than 190 years has been related to the paper mill and its historical center is included in the list of cultural monuments. Besides the town you will take a walk in the natural forest to see animals native to Latvia.
TransportSummer | Duration: ~9 Hrs
Price & Booking
Price: from 40 Eur per person*
Price includes:
    • Transportation
    • Guide
    • Entrance tickets
    • Hotel pick up and drop off
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Highlights of the tour
  • Historical village of Līgatne paper mill

    Exciting  excursion introducing You to the historical way of living of the Paper Mill's workers.

    During the walk You will have a chance to follow the everyday life of the Paper Mill's workers through a lifetime. Staring with a birth in the old Childbirth Hospital, the School years till the work in the Paper Mill and the family life in the wooden row houses. We will invite You to visit the beautiful building of the culture centre and to step inside the cellar caves which were dug into the sandstone cliffs since the end of 18th Ct.

  • Creation of your own paper

    You will learn the interesting and exciting paper making process, as it was in the old days, from recycled paper pulp by using a variety of techniques and having freedom to experiment.
    You will create absolutely unique paper which you can turn into a postcard and send with the local mail to someone you know back in home or anywhere in the world.

  • Līgatne Nature Trails
    On the banks of the Gauja river, among the woodland crossed with ravines, there are more than 5 km of trails where you can watch wild animals and birds native to Latvia.

    The Līgatne nature trails of Gauja National Park were created in 1975 to acquaint visitors with nature, the species of wild mammals living in Latvia, the natural diversity and the necessity of its protection.

    Forest animals found on the Līgatne nature trails are brought from different places in Latvia.  These are young animals that were either wounded when found or domesticated and which cannot survive without human care and are unable to find food themselves.

Accurate map of the journey

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Reviews of This Tour

"Hiking Latvia Countryside"
Reviewed August 28, 2013
Carol & Marty from USA
We emailed Rihard ,after reading the website did not have the time go on a planned tour, that we were on a Baltic Cruise had only a small amount of time to spend in Latvia and could he do something for us in the country but making sure that we were back on the ship in plenty of time. He immediately answered NO Problem. It was perfect. He took us to a quaint village in the country, we smelled the beautiful forest, hiked in a nature preserve, visited a grocery on the return trip and was returned to the ship in perfect time. I strongly suggest that you use Rihard for a trip where ever in Latvia.

Visited August 2013