"Discover Latvia"
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In everything we do, we truly believe that our love and passion to our country inspires us to create new, great and original ideas. We believe thinking differently matters to discover the real Latvia!

Our services are personal, friendly, innovative and we don't have clients, only guests we take great care about which turns out to be great tours to travel in Latvia!

Hello, whoever and wherever you are!

This will be a short message about who we are.

First of all, we are people. We are ordinary people as you would meet anywhere else in the world. People who like to live, feel, experience, enjoy, love, have fun and travel of course. Just like you!

We are enthusiastic about what we do, we are always looking for new achievements, thinking positively whatever happens and are keen on discovering all new. We enjoy spending time outdoors whether we throw ourselves into wild adventures or just hanging out on the beach.

We also travel, just like you, and understand how important it is to feel free and ease when experiencing new places, how important it is not just to listen to historical facts, but also understand the local people and the local way of life. That's why we gather small groups and offer tours from people to people, tours where everyone will feel personal.

All our travel sights in Latvia and Baltics

We are excited to offer visits of more than 60 tourism sights in Latvia and even more amazing places in other Baltic states countries - Estonia and Lithuania.