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Bog Boardwalk in Kemeri National Park and Baltic Seaside Tour

Immerse yourself into peace and well-being of the beautiful world of bogs without worrying about getting your feet wet. Learn about this amazing Nordic nature wonder and experience Kemeri National Park in full by tasting water from a sulfur spring. Explore forests, lakes, beaches and finaly visit the lovely Jūrmala seaside resort town before return to Riga from this tour in Latvia.
Tour details | TransportHikingSummer | Duration: ~7 Hrs
Price & Booking
Price: from 50 Eur per person*
Price includes:
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Transportation
  • Guide
  • Outdoor picnic in the bog
*Price is provided for the complete groups! To get quote for your group size click "+Inquire / Book"!
Highlights of the tour
  • Walk the Great Ķemeri Bog

    Visit of the bog loop trail "Cenas Lielais Tīrelis" or "Great Ķemeri Bog" in Ķemeri National Park on this one day tour from Riga.


    During the walk you will get to know about bog creation process, animals and plants you can meet there, not to mention the gorgeous bog sights with many smaler and larger lakes which reflects the world in its calm and dark waters.


    Starting from September bog offers a chance to try some yourself picked cranberries for a taste while enjoying beautiful bog nature.


  • Taste sulfur water spring and enjoy natural forests

    Besides the bog, we will visit another shorter boardwalk trail to a beautiful wetland forest where sulfur smell will be in the air. Ķemeri National Park is a place where people arrive from around Latvia to collect the sulfur water and use it for their health. Also we will take you to a sulfur water spring to see what kind of magic it hides.

  • Explore lagoon lake

    Discover local bird species, enjoy a view from the bird watching tower and walk on surface of the lake on a unique floating trail. Walk on a floating trail not only offers views from unique angle, but also immerses you into the world of wildlife sounds that are all around you here.

  • Get to know Jūrmala seaside resort
    Seaside resort Jūrmala is a city uniting many ancient fishing villages under one name. For over one hundred years it's a place for people to enjoy fresh pine tree and sea air, sun, healthcare, culture and so much more. We are taking you on a nice stroll through central part of the resort with a visit of the white sand beach and you are welcome for a swim as well of course .


    Total distance walked during the tour is 10 km (6 miles). The whole distance is easily walkable for everyone - good wooden trails all the way with the opportunity to sit down.


    Tour highlights:

  • Ķemeri National Park
  • "Ķemeru Tīrelis" bog loop walk
  • Enjoy local snacks on the outdoor picnic
  • Sulfur water spring
  • Lagoon lake Kaņieris trail and bird watching tower
  • Short insight into the Latvia fisherman life (fishing boats, tools)
  • Baltic sea seaside
  • Jūrmala seaside resort
Morning in Great Kemeri Bog
About Ķemeri National Park
Kurzeme (Western Latvia)
Reviews of This Tour
"Knowledgable and off the beaten path"
Reviewed June 11, 2017
Lily from Taiwan
I joined the bog tour and it's fantastic. The guide, Rihards, is so knowledgable and organized the tour very well. If you want to explore the beautiful landscape of Latvia,it's the best choice.

Visited June 2017
"Knowledgable and off the beaten path"
Reviewed November 26, 2015
Ryan from USA
If u like nature, history, and are tired of just drinking good beers in Old Town hook up with these guys. We did the Kemeri and Cena bog tour...really different and cool. Rihards was a wealth of history and geography and the picnic lunch of tea and Latvian pastries was great. Bogs were unique and serene. It was about 6 hours for the tour, about 6 miles of wooden walkways covered.

Visited November 2015