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Cycling in Sigulda

One of the most romantic and beautiful places in Latvia where to take a walk and surely one of the most exciting places where to go cycling. Steep downhils and challenging going up hills, not the easiest way to relax but one of the most exciting and energy recreating! It's perfect for those who enjoy and respect active recreation combining it with amazing sightseeing.
Tour details | TransportCyclingSummer | Duration: ~6 Hrs
Price & Booking
Price: from 50 Eur per person*
Price includes:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Transportation
  • Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Entrance tickets
  • Guide
*Price is provided for the complete groups! To get quote for your group size click "+Inquire / Book"!
Highlights of the tour
  • Goodman's cave
    The Gūtmaņala (Goodman's Cave) grotto is the most popular and vast cave in Latvia. It was formed in the course of 10,000 years by water gradually eroding sandstone. The grotto is a protected geological site and the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia. Gūtmaņala is 10 m high, 12 m wide and 18.8 m deep, and notable for inscriptions on its walls, the oldest of which date back to the years 1668 and 1677.

  • Picturesque bridge over the river of Gauja

  • Krimulda manor complex
    Not far from the manor house, there stand the ruins of the 13th century Krimulda Castle which belonged to the Riga Dome Charter until the year 1566. In later centuries the castle owners were both Poles and Swedes who destroyed the castle in 1601, to prevent the Poles from settling down there.

  • Velnala (Devil Cave and cliff)

  • Luge and Bobsleigh Track in Sigulda (exterior only)
    The Sigulda Luge and Bobsleigh Track is a training venue for Latvia's Olympic team, and hosts international and national scale competitions every season.

  • Sigulda castle ruins and the New Castle (exterior only)
    The Order of the Brothers of the Sword began building Sigulda castle in 1207. Initially, it was a castellum-type fort; following the defeat of the Brothers of the Sword in 1236, the Livonian Order modified it. During the Great Northern War, the castle was destroyed and never restored again. The south-west section of the convent building with Gothic window lintels and the main gate tower have survived to the present day.

  • Distance driven with bicycles is ~15 km!
Vidzeme (Northern Latvia)

Reviews of This Tour

"Beautiful & Fun"
Reviewed July 25, 2015
Astrid from London, UK
The tour was a great way to see and experience places we otherwise wouldn't have seen and that would have been difficult to organize as a non local. - the guides were knowledgable, reliable and friendly - the Cycling Sigulda tour is really fun, if you like a bit of sport and action outdoors its a fun way to liven the usual sigthseeing activities and see the more rural Latvia. And Sigulda is a cool place, we could have spent more than a day there.

We would both recommend the activity and tour operator to friends!

Visited July 2015
"Great Guides, lots of fun and knowledge"
Reviewed July 24, 2015
Lizzy from Germany
We took the Old Town Tour with Maija and the Sigulda Cycle tour with Rihards. The old town tour was incredibly interesting and Maija really knows her stuff, not just the well known history but also the little bits in between that make it come alive and interesting. She answered all our questions and pointed out things that we may never had noticed. Her english is great and very easy to understand, definitely worth arranging.

For the cycle tour we went with local transport with Rihards to Sigulda which was interesting in itself! On arriving in Sigulda there were bikes and helmets waiting for us, we had already given Rihards our heights so the bikes didn't need much adjusting. The tour was fantastic, through woods, along the river bank into the National Park then up a huge hill which was a wonderful lung bursting challenge. Rihards stops often and points out interesting areas and gives you as much information as you want. His knowledge is immense but never boring, many fun facts and stories are added in along the way. The weather changed for the worse halfway through our tour, it was incredible but rather than risk injury Rihard was able to change the route to ensure we were kept safe. Obviously use to rapid weather changes he had also brought some ponchos just in case which were more than welcomed. The chair lift back up to Sigulda was excellent and saved having to cycle up a crazy hill. The view was amazing from up top especially as we could see the 2nd storm coming in. Both tours were fantastic and we would definitely use them again!

Visited July 2015