Forest Bathing Experience in Latvia

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Relax in Nature

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~6 Hours


Vidzeme - Central Latvia

Tour Season

All year

Discover the world of forests in Latvia. Calmly walk through a nordic forest and be amazed by the nature. Find different mushrooms, wild berries, trees or simply listen to the sound of making your footsteps in snow if visiting us during the winter time. Enhance the experience by simply laying back in a comfortable hammock and listen to the birds or watch the sunshine filtering through the leaves.

About The Tour

Tour Description

It's often very difficult to fully relax in cities, with sensory overload caused by all the traffic, dense populations and long hours spent indoors, in offices.

Visiting a forest and paying attention to our surroundings stimulates the senses enough to ease the drive to do something, yet is calming enough to allow us a moment of peace.

Local people of Latvia are often visitors to the forests. We love our forests for the goods that they give us - mushrooms, blueberries, wild strawberries, lingonberries, raspberries etc. But besides the healthy plants, forests are also wonderful place to take a deep breath, relax and allow nature to help us mentally and physically.

After spending much time in the city a return to nature rejuvenates and charges our inner batteries. Forests can do wonders to physical and mental well-being that can experience a lot of stress in the busy life rhythm of the cities.

In 1980's Japanese gave recreation in the woods a name - shinrin-yoku. This means forest bathing and it's all about simply being in nature, connecting with it through our senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Constant motion of the city is left behind and we can peacefully soak in the sights of the textured ground, tree bark and also the shapes of the trees up in the sky.

To make most of the day out in the woodland, visit to forest is divided into two parts:
- slow walk through the forest where we can see different plants, mushrooms and trees
- laying back into the hammock and firing up our senses of vision, hearing and sense of smell.

Forest Bathing in Latvia Tour - Forest

Discover local forests

Starting with a slow walk through a pine and spruce tree forest. Soft forest moss under the feet feels like a thick carpet and you are surrounded by the forest aroma which is a bit different in each season of the year.

Eyes can start to enjoy different colours and patterns of the forest and depending on the season there might be mushrooms and fresh forest berries like wild strawberries, lingonberries and raspberries.

If not being afraid to get feet a bit wet, also a walk in to the bog is possible to see this unique ecosystem of moss, trees, birds, insects and depending on the season also cranberries.

Walk is designed to relax, to feel different surface under the feet, learn about the forest through sense of touching, hearing, seeing and smelling. If nature presents such opportunity, also pick mushrooms and learn about them a bit.

Forest Bathing in Latvia Tour - Hammock

Soak in nature while relaxing in a hammock

Let the stillness around you influence your state of mind and make you forget the constant motion of the city.

Let the calmness influence your state of mind. Become a part of nature and slowly sway in hammock along with the surrounding forest. Stillness around you will help to forget the constant motion of the city.

For two hours you are left alone and welcome to do whatever you feel like - listen to wind and birds, watch the treetops gently sway high above you, breathe in clean, fragrant air or simple have a nap. Maybe listen to ambient music on headphones, finding a common rhythm with your surroundings.

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From 45 EUR*
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  • Hotel pick up and drop off
  • Transportation
  • Guide
  • Hammock
  • Rain cover for the hammock
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