Traveling to Latvia

How to travel to Latvia

The ways of traveling to Latvia are either via air traffic, ferry traffic, railway traffic, bus traffic or by your own car - you just have to decide upon the most suitable mode and means of transportation.

Latvia location in Europe

Air traffic

When traveling to Latvia by plane, you will arrive in Riga International Airport - the largest and busiest airport in the Baltic States. The airport is situated only 10 km away from the capital of Latvia - Riga.

Riga International Airport has direct flights to/from various European cities (London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Oslo, Copenhagen etc), Middle East (Beirut, Tel Aviv, Dubai), CIS (Moscow, Kiev, Minsk) as well as North America (New York City).

Latvia’s flagship carrier is Air Baltic, with direct flights to oveer 70 cities in Europe. You’ll find flight schedules and a full list of airlines flying to Latvia on the website of Rīga International Airport.

Low cost airlines

Ryanair has over 20 flights between Rīga and other European cities.
Wizzair has over 13 flights between Rīga and other European cities.

Bus traffic

Riga International Bus Station is situated in the city centre, next to the Central Railway Station and the Central Market, within a walking distance (5-10 min) from the Old Town.

There are several international bus lines connecting Riga with cities both in Western and Eastern Europe. The main international bus companies are Luxexpress, Eurolines and Ecolines.

If you plan to travel within the borders of Latvia or the Baltic States, buses will be the most convenient means of transportation because bus lines cover the entire region and are running frequently. So choosing a bus to travel from Riga to Tallinn or Riga to Vilnius will be a good choice.

If you are looking to expand your experience when traveling between the Baltic countries look into our Sightseeing Transfers between Riga and Tallinn as well as Riga and Vilnius.

Ferry traffic

There are 11 harbors at the seacoast of Latvia with intensive ferry traffic. The largest passenger ports are located in Riga, Ventspils and Liepaja, where modern infrastructure renders services to the passengers at the highest quality standards. The ferry terminal lies less than 1 km north of Old Town.

Passenger ferrie connections to Latvia

- Riga and Stockholm, Sweden has a dirrect ferry connection operated by "Tallink - Silja line"
- Ventspils, Latvia – Nynäshamn, Sweden operated by "Stena Line"
- Liepaja, Latvia - Travemunde, Germany operated by "Stena Line"

Railway traffic

Riga Central Railway Station is located in the city centre next to the Central Market and Riga International Bus Station, within a walking distance (5-10 min) from the Old Town. It has recently been fully renovated and houses a shopping mall “Origo” with numerous shops and cafés where to spend time while waiting for your train to arrive.

Train communications link Riga with St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, Kiev in Ukraine and Minsk in Belarus.

Baltic cities are connected by railway, but unfortunately there are no companies operationg and offering passenger travel.

There is a new railway on the way to be built called "RailBaltica". This will be a high speed railway connecting all three Baltic capitals and Warsaw in Poland from where it will be convenient to travel anywhere to / from rest of the Europe.

You can acquire more information about local and international train routes and time schedules by visiting Latvia electronicInformational Center 1188.