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Husky Dog Sledding through the forests | Tour Husky Dog Sledding on the Countryside
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Husky Dog Sledding Tour on the Countryside

Fancy trying your hand as a musher? Get to know wilderness of Latvia nature on a husky sleigh ride! Husky dog sledding is an opportunity to do something exciting, memorable and unusual. Join the team of Husky dogs and fulfill your day with an excellent outdoor adventure on the countryside of Latvia!
Tour details | TransportWinter | Duration: ~2,5 - 3 Hrs
Price & Booking
Price: from 60 Eur per person*
*Price is provided for the complete groups! To get quote for your group size click "+Inquire / Book"!
We have two options for your adventurous day:

Husky Dog Sledding outside of Riga - 3 or 5 km is a good chance for a short break out of city to have a fun and unforgetable experience of husky dog sledding through the forests. Depending on your choice 3 or 5 km long ride, there are two husky farms that are located 15 - 35 km away from Riga in picturesque locations.


We will be happy to take you on exciting hsuky dog ride and tell you everything we know about these wonderful and friendly dogs that just can't wait to take you for a run.


We will instruct each participant in details before going on the track to become a team member with the dogs.

Huskies, the breed commonly used for dog sledding, are strong dogs. On a typical dog sledding trip they will pull you at high speed across the Latvian wilderness, and as the wind slaps you face, you will get a taste of what life was like in the old days, when dog sledding was a much more common mode of transportation for many.



Husky Dog Sledding Riga Latvia

Husky dog sledding 3 km ride takes pace ~40 minute drive from Riga, in a National Park which is know for it's blue hills and forests. Area is great for a hike, cross country skiing, sliding down the hill on sled, but with us you will have a chance to do exciting Husky Dog Sledding through beautiful winter forests.


Once arriving in the forest, you will be met by a group of beautiful, well cared and friendly huskies that you will have a chance to get friends with at first before listening to instructions and hitting the track.


There is one husky pulled sleigh available and two people can go for an exciting ride together by changing driver and passenger postion in the middle of the track after ~1.5 km of the ride is done.

It's no problem also for bigger groups to do the tour and have time with dogs while waiting for their turn to enjoy the dog sledding. We will be also happy to tell you everything we know about these amazing dogs starting with their character and ending with training them to pull the sleigh.


Don't worry if there is no snow as we can offer also a ride with sleigh on wheels which is just as much fun leaving out the snowy scenery.


  • Husky Dog Ride length: 3 km
  • Tour duration: ~2,5 - 3 hours
  • Distance from Riga: ~35 km
PRICE: From 60 EUR per person
Price includes:
  • Transfer from your hotel (~ 40 minutes)
  • Dog sledding after instructions (one ride per person)
  • A walk through the forest (optional)
  • Transfer back to your hotel in Riga (~40 minutes)
- February: 7 | 21 | 25




Husky Dog Sledding Riga Latvia


Adventurous husky dog sledding 5 km ride takes place ~30 minutes drive from Riga center on the countryside of Latvia. Ride goes through a broad, white, snowy field for the most part of the ride and partly through a nice pine tree forest.


The base camp is located on a big field next to a countryside home and bath house where dogs will be waiting for your arrival and getiing excited about the upcoming ride.


You will have a chance to meet and "high five" the excited huskies before listening to the instructions and launching out on a fast husky sled ride.


The track has two sleighs so four people can do the ride at the same time, while others can have time with the huskies or to keep themselves warm by drinking a nice, warm tea in the bath house. Musher (driver) and baggage (passenger) can swap the places in the middle of the track after ~2.5 km done.


  • Husky Dog Ride length: 5 km
  • Tour duration: ~2,5 hours
  • Distance from Riga: ~15 km
PRICE: From 70 EUR per person
Price includes:
  • Transfer from your hotel (~ 30 minutes)
  • Dog sledding after instructions
  • Hot tea after the ride
  • Transfer back to your hotel in Riga (~30 minutes)
- December: 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31
- January : 1

An Excerpt From our Husky Dog Sledding Tour On The Countryside | Option Nr.2
Vidzeme (Northern Latvia)
Reviews of This Tour

At the moment we are offering two Husky Dog Sledding options - 3 km and 5 km distance rides. have marked these locations with:
• Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
• Husky Dog Sledding 5 km

2013 - 2016 available for husky rides
2016 - 2018 rides with race dogs only
2018 - not available anymore

"Incredible experience" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 27, 2020
Sarah from Germany
We had booked the husky sleeding 3km - and even with no snow it was an incredible experience. Rihards, our guide, picked us up from our Airbnb and took us to the forest. During our drive he told us many interesting things about Riga, its history and the bulding and areas we crossed.

Arriving at the forest we got time with the Huskys for cuddling and taking pictures. The dogs are very well looked after and are excited to run!

After a short introduction we did the dog sledding in role of the musher controlling the sledding. At any time there was support available.

Later, after having again some time with the dogs, Rihards took us on a walk to an incredible viewing tower in the forest.

Some days after our incredible experience, Rihards sent us very nice pictures he has taken during our dog sledding.

I would recommend this excursion for anyone. It was the highlight of our weekend trip to Riga! Thank you!

Visited February 2020
"Incredible experience - even without snow" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 17, 2020
Nicole from UK
We had the most incredible time on the husky sledding 3km your - even with no snow! Our guide Jānis could not have been more helpful and willing to make out experience great. He picked us up from our hotel and took us to the forest and back, offered us hot tea after our cold sledding ride, and took us on a walk afterwards to an incredible viewing tower in the forest. The most magical day with the most helpful, knowledgeable, and interesting host! The dogs are very well looked after and are SO excited to run! The well-being and care of the dogs was very important to us but it was very clear to see how happy and excited they are. Many of them are rescued from people who do not know how to properly care for them. I would thoroughly recommend this excursion for anyone who wants to experience Latvian nature in an interesting way. It was the highlight of our weekend trip to Riga! Thank you to Rihards and Jānis for all your help and hospitality!

Visited February 2020
"Absolutely excellent and not to be missed!" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 4, 2020
Nicole from UK
Took the tour with Rihards. Picked us up at our accommodation and dropped us back where we wanted to go. Amazing standard of English, so friendly, informative, great sense of humour. Spent some lovely time with the huskies and walking through the forest. The huskie sled itself was on wheels as no snow but still great fun. Whole trip was superb start to finish. Great quality photos emailed to us afterwards. Thanks for everything.

Visited January 2020
"Recent Trip to Riga, Latvia" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed January 31, 2020
Dianne from UK
We were in Riga for a business trip and approached Latvia Tours for help with transfers and a chance to see a bit of Riga. Rihards and his Team were excellent and looked after us very well. We had a delightful day seeing some of the countryside, visiting a Palace and doing the Husky Tour. We had very little time but they ensured that we got a real flavour of the place. I strongly recommend them to you.

Visited January 2020
"Great Husky Tour" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed January 20, 2020
Mieke from Netherlands
My daughter and I recently did the husky tour.
Although there was not enough snow so we went with the dog cart instead of the sled we have had a lot of fun.
The dogs were sweet and enthusiastic. After the husky tour we went for a walk into the forest with Rihards.
Rihards talks with love about his Latvia and its inhabitants.
We can reccommend this tour to anyone even if there is a little or no snow.

With love from the Netherlands, Samantha and Mieke.

Visited January 2020
"Fantastic experience!" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed January 8, 2020
Vera from Berlin, Germany
We booked the tour as a family of six and had a great time! Although there was no snow, we had lots of fun! Rihards is a fantastic guide and we learned also a lot about Latvia and the nature! We would highly recommand this tour!

Visited December 2019
"A fantastic Christmas treat!" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed December 26, 2019
Rachel from UK
Myself and my daughter travelled to Riga for her 21st birthday celebrations which the husky sledding was a part of. Our guide Rihards picked us up in time from our hotel and told us all about the history of Latvia on the journey which was fascinating.

When we got to the forest, we met the huskies who were all so friendly and clearly very well cared for.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any snow when we went but it didn’t matter as we used a cart instead which was just amazing! We were given lots of time to take photographs with the dogs and Rihards even took extras of us sledding and emailed them through to us. After the sled, Rihards took us on a walk through the forest and told us more about Latvian traditions and answered all of our questions about Latvia.

After the trip, Rihards drove us back to our hotel (we were offered to be dropped at the market if we preferred) and the whole experience was just magical.

Many thanks to Rihards for making our visit so special - I would definitely recommend this trip and will definitely be visiting Latvia again!

Visited December 2019
"Balade en traineau" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed December 26, 2019
Dominique from Paris, France
Formidable ballade en traineau suivie d’une belle balade en forêt. Super guide qui nous apprend beaucoup sur le pays. Equipe tres professionnelle à recommander vivement!

Visited December 2019
"Fantastic experience - not to be missed!" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed December 3, 2019
Rose from Ireland
Myself and 4 friends recently visited Riga and as part of our visit we had booked the Husky sledding. Rihards collected us from the hotel and our drive out was lovely, he's a really interesting guy with lots of knowledge about Latvia.

Once we arrived we were allowed to pet and play with the dogs - mostly rescue ones - that in itself was a delight. The sledding was amazing fun and to top it off it was snowing as the gorgeous dogs brought us through the woods. Made us all feel like kids again and we're a long way off that!! Rihards sent us some great photos so we have lovely memories to look at but we will never forget this experience.!

Visited November 2019
"Fantastic Trip" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed November 8, 2019
Jake from UK
Four friends on a quick trip to Riga. Thought it would be good to get out the city so booked the 3km Huskie trip. Was fantastic. Richard picked us up on time from right outside our hostel. Lovely chap and very knowledgeable about the area and what we were about to do.

Dogs were beautiful and well looked after. The ride was fantastic. Full control from the off. Brilliant experience and would do it again!

Visited November 2019
"Amazing and Unique Experience" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 28, 2019
Costas from Cyprus
We booked the tour not knowing what to expect but the idea of having an outdoor activity in Latvia sounded promising. Indeed, we had an amazing time with our tour guide that picked us up from our hotel and drove us to Ogre. On the way, our guide gave us very useful information about his country and its past. But the real thrill started when we arrived at the place and met the dogs. The dogs were very keen to take us sledding and this fact took away our anxiety about any possible mistreatment of the dogs. As a matter of fact, all the dogs are rescued dogs and this venture provides the means for them to survive. The sledding was indeed wonderful and an amazing experience and definitely the highlight of our visit to Latvia.

Visited February 2019
"Husky Sledding Tour" | Husky Dog Sledding 5 km
Reviewed February 27, 2019
Jamie from UK
Our tour guide Rihard was amazing and explained everything thoroughly. This was one of the best things we have ever done on holiday,defo an unforgettable experience and so worth it! We have been recommending this tour to all our family and friends.

Visited January 2019
"WONDERFUL Dogsled Husky Tour" | Husky Dog Sledding 5 km
Reviewed February 13, 2019
Cedric and Camille from Netherlands
It was amazing. At first we thought the price was a bit expensive but he came to pick us up by car in front of the apartment, and he returns us of front, with confonrtable car.

At the begining, he shows us all dogs and presents them, after we have around 15min to play with them + 10min where he explains us the instructions to drive.

After the activitie starts, they are at first with 4x4 and we follow them ( we are very free with dogsled because they are far in front of us ). At the middle of the activitie, we had a break of 5min to take pictures. Then we came back to starting area. We had again 20 min to exchange and talk with the team and enjoy with the dogs, after they invited us to take a tea in small house, we talked about our feeling about dogsled and explain us many things about Riga and Latvia.

During the tour, he took many pictures of us and send us on our e-mail (free)
Moreover, Rihards is very friendly and talk very well english.

It was a really amazing experience, don't hesitate to do it, you will never forget. Cédric & Camille

Visited February 2019
"Awsome experience! Highly recommended tour and top guide ( Jänis )" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 13, 2019
Joyce from Netherlands
Wat een geweldige ervaring! Het enthousiasme van deze gids is heerlijk. Eenmaal toegekomen konden we kennismaken met de dolenthousiaste honden. We hebben voor de rit van 3 km gekozen en konden elk op zijn beurt de slede besturen. Als extra kregen we ook nog een wandeling in het bos en een adembenemend zicht vanuit de uitkijktoren . Deze activiteit is meer dan zijn geld waard.

Visited January 2019
"Unique experience" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 6, 2019
Pireyanka from Germany
I got this tour as a present from my best friend and it was so amazing! Rihards picked us up at our hotel and we drove to a forest in Ogre, It was at the end of January and there was a lot of snow, especially in the forest. When we arrived the huskies already welcomed us. After some instructions the 3 km ride began and after the first half my friend and me switched places on the sled. We enjoyed it very much. Rihards took some photos of us with the dogs and after we said bye to them we went on a walk through the forest. He also took us to a wooden observation tower in the middle of all the trees from which you have a great view!
Throughout the whole tour we had interesting talks with Rihards and he also told us a lot about Latvia and the Latvians. We got recommendations for the best places to eat and drink and at the end he even dropped us at a restaurant for lunch.

It was an awesome tour and Rihards does his job wholeheartedly, so an exciting day is guaranteed.
Thank you!

Visited January 2019
"A Husky ride for a dog-scared girl" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 1, 2019
Nitarshini from Germany
To be honest I am really scared of dogs - still as a personal challenge I convinced myself to do the husky ride. I checked the prices with other german and letvian husky ride offers and discovery L. was the most suitable one. I asked Rihards a lot of question in the beginning and he answered them all. Besides he was even friendly when I paid reall late. On the day he picked us up at the hotel and told us a few things about Riga. The husky ride itself was amaizing. You really have to do it. Its a life time experience you wont forget. As I mentioned, I am scared of dogs but at the end I was "cuddling" with them. Most of the dogs were rescued from their bad environment - so its even a great project. The best part is that the owner care a lot. There are enough dogs that no dog has to ride two times in a row. Once they rode us, they had a long break while other dogs were riding. Rihards then took us for a walk and it was like hanging around with a good friend. When he heard that we wanted to have lunch after the ride he even droped us at the restaurant. So all in all: the husky ride itself is an adventure but if you are lucky and Rihards is with you - you will definetely have a great day trip. Thanks a lot Rihards and your team!

Visited January 2019
"It‘s definitely worth it! Awesome experience!" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed January 15, 2019
Jill from Germany
We can really recommend the husky dog sledding tour to everyone! It was an unforgettable experience and we really enjoyed it. The huskies were very sweet and excited to see us. Rihards told us a lot of interesting things about latvia and the dogs - he was an excellent guide.

After the dog sledding tour we went for a walk in the snowy forest, kind of winter wonderland! And we got great pictures afterwards, made by our guide! The price is definitely worth it!

Visited January 2019
"Husky dog sledding" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed January 9, 2019
Madalina from Germany
We went on the 3km husky dog sledge ride and it was a fabulous experience. Janis was an excellent guide and we had a wonderful day with the cutest huskies ever !!! Janis also took us for a walk in the snowy forest which was very nice along with his beautiful stories about Riga ! Rihards helped us organizing the tour and everything was faultless. Highly recommended.!

Visited January 2019
"Great and special half-day trip" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed January 9, 2019
Mike from Colombia
This was such an amazing experience! The dogs and the tour were spectacular and one of the best experiences ever. Our guide Rihards was super informative and did an awesome job telling us more about Latvia and Riga. Thanks again for the great tour!

Visited January 2019
"Great and special half-day trip" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed January 8, 2019
Kerstin from Germany
It was a very nice and special experience to do the dog-sledding. We were lucky and had great cold weather with enough snow. The nature was beautiful and the dogs were very sweet. I can recommend it to everyone. Most of the dogs are rescued dogs and live on farms now. They look very well!
All communication with the tour company in advance was friendly and communicative. We got all information about security and pictures afterwards.

Visited January 2019
"Tolles Erlebnis" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed December 1, 2018
Christina from Germany
Wir haben uns für eine 3km Husky Tour entschieden. Rihards war super nett und freundlich. Er erzählte uns viel über Lettland und lies uns mit den Husky so viel Zeit wie wor wollten. Es war so ein schönes Erlebnis...die Hunde sind sehr zutraulich und der Halter geht sehr liebevoll mit Ihnen um. Macht einen guten Eindruck und ist jeden Euro wert, wir haben gerne etwas mehr gegeben. Diese 3h sollte man sich unbedingt gönnen! Wir waren begeistert.

Visited December 2018
"Brilliant fun" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed July 22, 2019
Mary from Chelmsford, UK
Originally I had booked to experience the race dogs, however unfortunately the company that owned the race dogs had decided to sell them. We were kept informed of the situation by Discover Latvia who offered us the choice of cancelling or joining the Huskey ride. We chose to do the Huskey ride as we knew from past experience that it would be great fun.
We were travelling before Christmas and they don't always have much snow that early, however they have an alternative of using carts rather than sledges.
When we arrived in Latvia it had actually snowed! So plan A was on!
Rihards was a great guide from booking to the end of the tour, always keeping us informed. We were picked up on time and Rihards explained things about Latvia and Riga on route. We were also told about the dogs and that they are mostly rescue dogs. The Huskey ride is great fun and the dogs get so excited. The run is not too long so they are not overworked and they swap the dogs over for different guests.
After the rides we got to have time with the dogs and then a walk around the snow covered forest, which was beautiful. We were dropped back in Riga and on the way back Rihards recommended places to eat and drink in the city which was good. We also got sent some picture that Rihards had taken on the trip which was good. A great experience if you are in Riga! I would definitely use Discover Latvia for this trip and any other trips when we visit agin!

Visited December 2018
"A Husky Dream Come True" | Husky Dog Sledding 5 km
Reviewed March 16, 2018
Amy from UK
From beginning to end I cannot fault Discover Latvia Tours. Having found this company on Tripadvisor, I emailed 3 days before flying to Riga and got an immediate friendly reply from Rihards. Within minutes, we were booked onto a 5km Husky Sledding Tour. On the day we were collected from our hotel by Rihards and driven to the countryside, providing some interesting facts along the way with another couple who were also booked on the tour.

When arriving at the huskies, we were given time to interact with the beautiful animals and take some photos of our own. After some time, a quick demonstration was given and then off we went for our 5km Ride- 1 person in the sled and another controlling the sledding being the ‘musher’. After the ride, more husky cuddles were given followed by Tea in a cosy log cabin. What a lovely gesture aswell to receive an email a week later containing photos and videos taken by Rihards himself for no charge. An amazing experience which both of us will never forget, memories lasting a lifetime.

Visited March 2018
"Fantastic experience" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed March 6, 2018
Michelle from UK
From the minute we were picked up from our hotel to the minute we were dropped off it couldn't have been a better experience, Rihards are absolutely brilliant and if you are thinking of booking this trip do not hesitate, we would do it all again tomorrow if we could.It was an experience we wont forget, the dogs are so friendly, love having their belly's rubbed , we were given plenty of time to get to know the dogs, having never done this before i was a little worried but needn't have been as it was explained and we were followed by a car behind (not too close) so i felt at ease, on the return journey we even stopped off at a frozen lake and could walk on it , that was an added surprise, and were dropped off at a lovely market that we did not know about ,such a great day, the highlight of our holiday, also they take lots of photos and send them to you after, no extra charge thank you so much Rihards!!

Visited February 2018
"Lovely experience :)" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed March 4, 2018
Nicola from Malta
Lovely experience!! Highly recommend :) And the tour guide was super friendly and gave a lot of info about Latvia and where to go! :)

Visited February 2018
"Brilliant experience!" | Husky Dog Sledding 5 km
Reviewed March 2, 2018
Sharon from Ireland
Rihards was lovely, as were the husky leaders. The dogs were so friendly and excitable. The whole husky dog sledding experience was brilliant! We thoroughly enjoyed it! Beautiful place, the highlight of our trip :-)

Visited February 2018
"Husky dog sledding" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 27, 2018
Todd from UK
Superb tour, great guide in Rihards, really friendly dogs, brilliant location, great way to get out of riga for a few hours, definately worth doing.

Visited February 2018
"An amazing time!" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed December 22, 2017
Luke from UK
I couldn't recommend Discover Latvia's dog sledding tour if I tried.

We had an absolutely fantastic time, and Rihards was brilliant in organising the trip and booking us in. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Latvia it was not snowing (we were told by Rihards of this in advance) so our 5km sledding in the snow changed to just a 3km sled, but it was worth every penny.

Janis collected us from the hotel, and was very friendly and chatty on the way there. (He even had a good choice in radio station!)

Once we arrived, we were allowed to spend some time with the huskies, which was brilliant, before the 3km sled. Both my girlfriend and I had a chance to control the sled while the other sat on it, which was great. Afterwards, we got more time with the dogs, including giving them treats and Janis told us a bit about what they do with the dogs in terms of training. We then went for a short walk to an observation tower which let us see Riga, over 50km away, before heading back to the car and returning to the hotel.

When we left, we managed to leave a hat in the car, and Rihards was kind enough to arrange for Janis to return it to us at the hotel the following morning, which was above and beyond what we expected. Janis even waited for us in reception and then offered to point out a good tourist attraction for us.

We had an absolutely fantastic time on the tour. Janis and Rihards were great and so helpful, and the dogs and sledding was brilliant. Definitely worth a visit!

Visited December 2017
"Husky Dog Sledding Tour" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed December 19, 2017
Julia from Germany
We were Husky Dog Sledding with Rihards and it was a really nice experience and can recommend others also to do it. He was really nice and could give interesting informations about Latvia and living there. We also went for a walk in the forest and to a really high tree stand with a nice view over Latvia. Thanks a lot for the great experience.

Visited December 2017
"Lovely" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 13, 2017
Vicky from Belgium
Loved it so much! You can pet the huskies and they are so sweet. The tour isn't very long, but you can stay with the dogs or go for a walk in the beautiful forest. Transfers are included and we got a lot of explaining and funny facts about on our way to the huskies.

Visited February 2017
"Husky-Schlittenfahrt in den Blue Moutains" | Husky Dog Sledding 3 km
Reviewed February 5, 2017
Susanne from Germany
Wir sind extra nach Riga gereist, um die Husky-Schlittenfahrt zu machen und es hat sich absolut gelohnt! Rihards, unser Führer, war schon im Vorfeld bei der Buchung super nett und zuvorkommen. Am großen Tag holte er uns pünktlich am Hotel ab und fuhr uns in die sogenannten Blue Mountains. Auf dem Weg dorthin erzählte er uns viel Interessantes rund um Lettland und die Umgebung, sodass die Fahrt sehr kurzweilig war. Bei den Hunden angekommen hatten wir viel Zeit, mit den Hunden Fotos zu machen, sie zu streicheln und Rihards erzählte uns, dass es Hunde seien, die von ihren Besitzern abgegeben worden wären, da diese sich nicht um sie kümmern könnten. Zum Glück fanden sie bei den Veranstaltern der Hundeschlittenfahrten ein neues, aktives Zuhause! Durch die Schlittenfahrten verdienen sich die Hunde also quasi ihr Futter selbst. Nach einer kurzen EInführung gings los auf den Schlitten. Ich setzte mich als Bagage in den Schlitten, mein Mann übernahm als Musher die Führung des Schlittens. Nicht nur die Hunde, auch wir hatten Spaß an der Fahrt durch den wunderschönen, weißen Winterwald! Auf der Zielgeraden schoss Rihards außerdem ein paar großartige Bilder von uns mit den Hunden im Schlitten, die wir als Geschenk zum Download bekamen. Einfach toll! Anschließend spazierten wir noch eine Runde mit Rihards durch den Wald zu einem Aussichtspunkt, der uns einen spannenden Blick über die Wipfel der Bäume ermöglichte. Hier hatten wir dann auch noch etwas Zeit für uns. Insgesamt war die Tour sehr angenehm, wir fühlten uns nie gehetzt und konnten in Ruhe alle Eindrücke aufnehmen und ausgiebig fotografieren. Zum Abschied setzte uns Rihards dann in Riga bei den Märkten ab, damit unsere Sightseeingtour direkt weitergehen konnte. Sehr aufmerksam! Super war auch das freie W-Lan im Auto, um die tollen Bilder direkt online zu teilen :D WIr würden jedem dieses Abenteuer empfehlen!

Visited February 2017
"Unforgetable expirenece" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed April 8, 2016
Baderkhan from Iraq
Greetings from Iraqi kurdistan!
We had a greattime with the best guide "Rihards".
We went to husky dog tour, even i emailed him late night, after 12! But he answered me quickly and we setup our tour for morning since it was our last day in Riga.
Pick us up from the hotel, and on the way Rihards told us a very informative brief about history&culture of Latvia.
After arriving at the farm, we visited the husky in their places and took some picture with most beautiful one the siberian husky dog, called FOREST.
Then, we enjoyed the husky dog ride, they gave us specail coat to protect & keep our clothes clean from the mud. It was adrenaline rush and very funny.
After the ride, we enjoyed local drink&sweets which offered by Rihards. The area was so amazing. And the staff at the place r very friendly.
Then on the wayback, Rihards gave us suggestion&advice about places to c. And drop off us in a local nice folk club ALA, a very nice place to spend an evening which is a place local prefer to go.
And after few days, i receievd a very nice email gift, videos&photos of our husky tour, uploaded all on dropbox!
Thanks again Rihards, keep up the good work.

Visited March 2016
"Great Experience" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed April 2, 2016
Vita from Latvia
It was great experience, lovely dogs and very touch personal. There are not many places do the same. I love it!!!!

Visited March 2016
"Amazing Experience" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed March 11, 2016
Julien from Netherlands
We booked the 5km dog sledding tour. Unfortunately the weather changed and there was not enough snow to do it. It would have been possible to ride the same track on carts instead of sledges but that was not what we wanted. They offered us to bring us deeper in the forrest with enough snow left. The track was even a few kilometers longer (lucky for us). The tour guide Rihards picked us up at our hotel in Riga and brought us to the forrest. I cannot decribe how useful and friendly he has been during the whole tour. He told us a lot about Latvia and everything was really interesting. When we arrived, the dogs were already waiting for us. We had enough time to get to know each other and find out how everything works. The dogs were super nice and you could see that they like what they are doing. No words can decribe our tour through the forrest. It was awesome! Rihards took a lot of pictures and put it on dropbox afterwards. After the tour he brought us to the farm to see the dogs. We were sitting in a tipi, drinking mulled wine and eating Latvian specialities. We had no pressure of time at all. After the day was over, Rihards brought us to our old hotel (we changed it) to pick up our stuff and dropped us of at our new hotel. We payed the major part after the day was over. Everything was very familiar and not business-like. Its hard to find something like this nowadays. It has been an incredible experience and we can only recommend everyone to do this. Big thanks to Rihards and the team. You have been great!!!!

Visited March 2016
"Husky Riding with a very personal touch" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed March 3, 2016
Marshal from UK
Looking at things to do on our long weekend to Riga and came across Discover Latvia Tours and liked the idea of husky sledding. Booked the tour through Rihards who kept us up to date with the tour, especially as the mild weather threatened it going ahead. They couldn't do their normal 5km circuit due to the weather, so offered a slightly longer 8km circuit in the woods where there was more snow. Jañis picked us up from the airport and drove us to the woods which took about an hour, he pointed out the sights on the way. Arrived and briefed and then we were on our way with the dogs. Didn't expect to do the circuit on our own but this added to the thrill. We then visited the dogs kennels and gained an insite to their environment, followed by pastries and mulled wine. On the way back to Riga, Jānis suggested stopping off at the Dakota restaurant and bar for local food and drinks with a difference - it is all kitted out with plane parts, the seats are Russian aircraft seats and they even had a real Antonov 24 cockpit you could sit in! Jānis helped us with places to eat and drink back in Riga and pointed out some of the great beers on offer. He made the whole experience very personal and we would highly recommend their tours. Well done Jānis and Rihards!

Visited February 2016
"Dog sledding experience" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed February 26, 2016
Kate from Croatia
It was my birthday gift and I absolutely enjoyed it! Dog sledding was something I thought happens only in books and movies, but Rihards and his team made it happen for us :)
Very friendly guide who gave us a lot of tips about Latvia and Riga to enjoy our stay even more. Highly recommendable! Hope you all have the same luck with the weather and the snow!

Visited February 2016
"Husky sledding - fantastic experience!!!" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed January 24, 2016
Karen from Sidney, Australia
This was a really great experience, with a drive out to the countryside to a husky farm where there are 27 beautiful dogs, with one husky team and three other teams of faster race dogs! They are really friendly dogs and love to run in the snow, but certainly don't love to stop and so one of dogs chewed through the sled rope about 2/3rds of the way through while we were waiting for someone else to untangle their strings. It was a very funny experience watching my husband slide on his butt holding on to the rope behind the four detached dogs who wanted to keep running! We were rescued shortly after with two dogs back to the farm in the car and the other four left to take us back on the sled - they are amazingly strong! It was a really special experience, and the mulled wine and delicious pastries afterwards were very welcome. Rihards, who took us on the tour, was very friendly and knowledgeable about Latvia and gave us a lot of interesting information about Latvia's history and current state. Very highly recommended!!!

Visited January 2016
"Husky dog sledding" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed January 22, 2016
Mindaugas from Manchester, United Kingdom
Had an amazing time in this trip.That was a surprise present for my girlfriend. Very fun sliding and very relaxing atmosphere after in the middle of forest with warm drinks and snacks.Our guide Rihards was very friendly.Definitely would recommend this trip to everyone.

Visited January 2016
"Magnifique journée, entre adrénaline, bonne humeur et anecdotes" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed November 17, 2015
Roxanne from Paris, France
Nous avons passé une belle journée en compagnie d'un guide cultivé, patient et intéressant. Nous avons appris beaucoup et les consignes pour le dog cart étaient claires ce qui nous a permis de nous essayer en toute sécurité à cette activité!
Une collation conviviale autour d'un feu nous a été proposée et nous pouvions poser toutes les questions que nous souhaitions. Merci pour tout !

Visited November 2015
"Amazing Husky Sledding Day" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed February 18, 2015
Jessica from United Kingdom
We had an excellent exciting day husky sledding. We were picked up from a Riga hotel, having found it very easy to book. The dogs were beautiful and tour incredible. A true once in a lifetime experience!

Visited February 2015
"Husky sledding" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed January 28, 2015
Lisa from United Kingdom
This was the most amazing afternoon, you are collected by the knowledgable Rihards and driven through the countryside to a beautiful forest. After a short tutorial on how to control the sleds you are then off on your own!!! The whole experience was just brilliant, although it helps if it snows! Finished off with a cup of mulled wine and some traditional Latvian snacks. I can't recommend it enough, makes you smile all day!

Visited January 2015
"Great way to see Latvia" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed January 30, 2014
Richard from London, United Kingdom
Great trip. Rihards was a brilliant guide and made the day. Definitely recommend the Husky sledding which is run by a couple of very dedicated individuals who love their dogs.

Visited January 2014
"Husky Dog Sledding- Fantastic" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed February 23, 2013
Elizabeth from Manchester, United Kingdom
We had a great time on the Dog Sledding Tour with Discover Latvia. Our family of 5 were picked up promptly from our hotel and driven for around 90km, this was an interesting ride as we got to see parts of Latvia beyond Riga. Once we arrived we had chance to see the puppies before helping harness up the dogs. After an demonstration of how to "mush", off we went. I was surprised how fast the dogs went, we only wish we had booked the longer ride. After we got back we had a cup of hot tea and a snack before having chance to play in the snow... all of us are big kids!!!

Highly recommended!

Visited February 2013
"Husky Dog Sledding' ticked off our bucketlists!" | Option Nr.2
Reviewed February 19, 2013
Rachel from London, United Kingdom
My boyfriend and I went on the Discover Latvia 'Husky Dog Sledding' day tour recently in early February. It was absolutely incredible, and I can't sing the praises of Discover Latvia (DL) as a tour company highly enough!

From googling to find a tour to do in Riga during our three day mini winter holiday, the DL website was easy to navigate and appealing. After initially not hearing back using the generic 'contact us' email on the website, I re-emailed and recieved a response immediately (even in the weekend!). Perhaps Rihard's initial reply bounced to my junk folder. Notwithstanding emailing Rihard to organise a tour at very short notice, only a few days before we arrived in Riga, he was able to arrange our sledding tour for the day we wanted. It was great talking to a guide with such a great command of English (the language barrier was something we otherwise struggled with a bit while in Latvia!) and he was very polite and enthusiastic over emails!

From the pick up as promised from our apartment/hotel, our guide Rihard drove us out to the sledding. We saw a fantastic amount of the countryside, including a mini detour through a village to 'see the real Latvia'.

The husky sledding itself was INSANELY amazing. The dogs are very friendly (and cuddly!) and you are instructed how to manouever the sled. Then you stand in the mushing position (one of us sat in the 'baggage' part, then switched over drivers halfway) to literally lead the dogs on a track through forestry and wide open fields!! This was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting Latvia!! There are plenty of chances to take photographs (I even took a video while in the baggage position on the sled, going through the forest), and the men helping you to do the sledding are happy to be photographers to ensure your visit is truly well documented in photos!

The snacks afterwards were truly a mini feast - in a tepee with a small fire we drank hot tea to warm our hands back up, and had sausages, sweet bread and crackers. This was an amazing experience and one we will always remember.

Visited February 2013