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Jewish Riga Grand Tour

Tour visiting different parts of Riga to see Jewish objects with our guide. In this tour you will discover not only the Old Town and Central part of Riga, but also visit objects of Jewish people history like Salaspils concentration camp memorial on the outer part of the city.
Tour details | TransportSummerWinter | Duration: ~3.5 Hrs
Price & Booking
Price: from 40 Eur per person*
Price includes:
    • Hotel pick up and drop off
    • Guide
    • Transportation
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Objects visited during the tour

Riga Jewish Ghetto Museum

Riga Ghetto Museum is located in the historic area bordering the former ghetto. More than 70,000 names of Holocaust victims and a photo exhibition, focusing on anti-Semitic propaganda, the Holocaust in Latvia, the resistance movement and those who provided safe haven, are set on a piece of land, covered by cobblestone taken from the streets of the former ghetto.

Riga Jewish Synagogue

Visit the only synagogue in Riga which escaped from being burned down durinmg the WWII as it was located in the Old Town of Riga and there was a risk that the fire would spread to nearby buildings.
Building uniting all the jewish people of Riga was designed and built by two people – an outstanding architect and art historian Wilhelm Neumann and beginning architect Hermann Seuberlich.

Riga Choral Synagogue memorial

Remains of the Synagogue where during the first days of the World War II Nazi German occupation of the city of Riga wherehundreds of Jewish refugees from Lithuania and local Latvian Jews were herded into the basement of the synagogue which was then intentionally burned to the ground.

Next to the Synagogue there stands a monument dedicated to the saver of the Jewish people - Žanis Lipke!

Salaspils concentration camp memorial

In a forest of Riga, near the town of Salaspils, is located former concentration camp for civilians and Jews from the occupied territories.
At first it served as a transitional camp and later, by personal order of Himmler, as the site of mass executions.
Today this memorial reminds us of the horrible events of the WWII with the pictures, written, told stories and huge sculptures located in the territory of former concentration camp.

Rumbula forest

Rumbula is one of the biggest sites of mass killings of Jews in Europe.
Rumbula forest witnessed the horror of the Nazi Administration decision to destroy all the Jews imprisoned in the Riga Ghetto. 25000 people where shot in two waves in 1941. Several hundred Jews from the "Kaizerwald" concentration camp, who were used for exhuming and burning bodies, were also killed here in 1944.