Riga Paintball in a Former Factory

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Tour Duration

1 - 2 Hours



Tour Season

All year

Spend time in Riga active and play indoor paintball in the former biggest Riga factory facilities VEF! Arena is located in former Soviet industrial area of Riga only 20 minutes away from the Riga Olf Town and will be interesting to see as well if you are into this kind of stuff

About The Tour

Activity Description

You are welcome to visit one of the biggest former factories of Riga "VEF" facilities only 20 minutes away from the Riga Old Town (by public transport) for a sporty paintball game. It's nothing fancy here, raw setting most of the things look just like in the old days.

Only reusable luminous balls are used which are not filled with paint and in case of hit doesn't leave any marks or stains! As the ball doesn't have to break, the shooting force is reduced and this way it's possible to avoid bruising.

Those who are looking for adrenaline can adjust the gun to hit with the same effect as when playing outdoors.

Playing field is indoors. It's made of inflatable paintball use figures, shields and because of that it's possible to rearrange the field to costumers wishes thus changing the game and playing variety of tactics. These figures are used in sport paintball competitions.

As reusable paintball bullets are used, the number of bullets is bacically unlimited.

Advantages of this game

  • Unlimited number of bullets at no extra charge
  • Cheaper cost of gameplay
  • Accurately measure the expected cost and time
  • By selecting the length of time that the group wants to play, eliminating the feeling of exclusion of the financial situation

  • More games possible
  • You will spend less time not playing because there is no need for cleaning up the hit marks. You will start the next game without leaving the arena. Outdoors, on average, one group performs from 5-8 games, indoors for the same period of time the number of games will vary from 20 to 40 games, so more fun for the game.

  • You can adjust the speed of paintball markers so as to leave no bruises
  • Professional electronic paintball markers, as well as mechanical paintball markers
  • You can play with your own clothes without fear it will get damaged or leave stains
  • Top quality artificial turf surface
  • It will give the necessary natural touch while playing paintball indoors.

  • Also possible to play at night
  • Thanks to the ambient lighting conditions it is also possible to play at night, as well as leaving minimal lighting luminous twilight play with paintball pellets, thus gaining brand-new, unprecedented feelings of this exciting sport / recreational type.

  • The weather will not affect the quality of the game
  • Warm indoor rooms

Additional information

  • Bring you own towels and drinkable water

Map of the tour

Tour Price and Booking

From 10 EUR*
Price includes:
  • Mechanical paintball marker (gun)
  • Gloves
  • Repeated air and ball refill
  • If necessary - full body length combo suit
Not included:
  • Drinkable water
*Price is provided for the complete groups! To get quote for your group size click "+Inquire / Book"!
i Select "YES" if you want the tour without other travelers
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