Riga Rooftop Tour

Tour Type

City Tour

Tour Duration

~3.5 Hours



Tour Season

May - October

Every city can be seen and explored in many different ways. One of the most spectacular ways is to take a look around from above. See the city from the birds eye view by visitng four different public viewpoints on the rooftop tour in Riga. We won't take you to the popular St.Peters church tower, but to less known places with great and not as traditional view on the city.

About The Tour

Tour Description

During this tour in Riga we will take you anywhere but the popular and tourists full St. Peters church tower, where you can get on your own and about which most likely you already know of. We will take to the places which are not as well known, but has great value of the view.

During the tour Riga is seen from 4 different viewpoints including one of the tallest towers in European Union - Rīga radio and television tower. Rīga’s radio and television tower is 368 metres high, the observation deck is 97 metres above the ground and it is the highest publicly accessible viewing point in Rīga. From this point you can easily see the Old Town, the centre of Rīga and Pārdaugava. In the right weather conditions you can see the Rīga HES (hydroelectric station) at Salaspils and the highest points at Sigulda, as well as the Gulf of Rīga and ships in the gulf.

Tour Highlights

  • See Riga from several less known and visited viewpoints
  • Enjoy view over the whole Riga from Riga TV and radio tower
  • Feel the charm of the Riga Old Town rooftops while having a tea or coffee at the Gutenbergs rooftop terrace
  • Learn about Riga
  • Walk the centuries old streets of Riga Old Town
  • Get to know the everyday life of Riga

Additional information

  • Tour includes moderate amount of walking, please wear flat shoes suitable for walking.
  • The tour operates in all weather conditions, please dress according to the weather

Map of the tour

Tour Price and Booking

From 25 EUR*
Price includes:
  • Meeting at the hotel (if located in the Riga Old Town)
  • Guide
*Price is provided for the complete groups! To get quote for your group size click "+Inquire / Book"!
i Select "YES" if you want the tour without other travelers
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